Our research has concentrated on understanding linkages and feedbacks between the land and the climates, focusing specifically on how land hydrological processes affect the local/regional/global climate and exploring how anthropogenic forcings (such as irrigation, deforestation, CO2 concentrations, etc.) impact the hydrological cycle across various spatiotemporal scales by using satellite datasets, in-situ observations, reanalysis datasets, and climate models.

The above achievements are essential to understanding the interactions between the land surface and the climate, and expose the complex nuances of these land–atmosphere interactions, with implications for precipitation changes and water cycles under climate changes and land use changes, which consist of the following topics:

Impact of land-use changes on the local and regional climates

Precipitation changes under global warming

Impact of climate changes on the global water resources

Exploration of the eco-hydro-climatic system of mountain cloud-fog forests (MCFs)