2023 Xi-Tou “Cloud-fog-forest and climate workshop”


This is our first workshop on Cloud-fog-forest-climate interactions. We had 13 presentations and a fruitful nighttime round-table discussion.


12:50~ 13:00Opening
13:00~ 16:00PresentationDr. Yen-Jen Lai 賴彥任Cloud and Fog Dynamics: Observations in the Xitou Region
Prof. Taro Nakai 中井太郎Micrometeorological approach for estimating wet canopy evaporation from a cloud forest in Xitou, Taiwan
Dr. Han Tseng 曾涵Cloud water interception in Hawaii: Measuring Techniques, Variations, and Modeling
Prof. Kume Tomonori 久米朋宣How can Moso bamboo invasion alter water cycling?
16:00~ 16:30Check in & break
16:30~ 18:00PresentationYi Fan Li 李逸帆Preliminary study on monitoring atmospheric processes in forests using fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing
Frances Shen 沈至瑜Using machine learning to quantify spatiotemporal distribution of diurnal fog in a subtropical montane cloud forest – getting started with the data
Hsin-He Chang 張昕荷Environmental drivers behind the litterfall pattern of the montane cloud forests in Chilan
18:00~ 19:00Dinner
19:00~ 21:00Roundtable forum


8:00~ 9:00breakfast
9:00~ 12:10PresentationYi-Nuo Lee 李以諾Filling the missing values in Chilan understory weather data: Relative humidities
Siang-Heng Wang 王祥恒Thermal Comfort Using Heat Strain Decision Aid in the Tea Fields with Different Management Strategies
Te-Yu Ou 歐德昱A Novel Approach of Using High Spatiotemporal Geostationary Satellite to Explore the Characteristics of Near-surface Solar Energy Attenuation
Tzu-Ying Yang 楊子瑩The Resilience of Micro-climate in Eastern Taiwan Montane Cloud Forest Areas
Yi-Shin Jang 張譯心The Effect of Forest in Dampening the Diurnal Cycle on Land-atmosphere Interaction
Ching-Hung Shih 施璟宏Evaluating the Mechanism and Climate Change Impact on the Diurnal Hysteresis between Near Surface Temperature and Relative Humidity